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New info in Calhoun vs. Krayeske

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I’ve been debating on whether or not to run a follow-up post on the Jim Calhoun/Ken Krayeske issue with the story being nearly two weeks old, but it seems the 24-hour news cycle doesn’t apply here. This story has garnered national attention and is still being discussed on TV, in newspapers, on Twitter and on several sports blogs.

This week Joe Favorito from Sports Marketing and PR Roundup takes a look at the credentialing issue as well as how UConn and Jim Calhoun could have calmed the storm in the days following the press conference. Christy Hammond over at Sports PR Blog has a great interview from NECN in Boston with Coach Calhoun, and asks how the UConn staff could have handled the press conference better. Finally, the Hartford Courant has reaction from both Calhoun and Krayeske.

Last week I had the chance to exchange e-mails with Krayeske, and with this still being a hot button issue, I decided to go ahead with a follow-up post.  The issue also became clearer with news coming out about how he received his credentials.

In our exchange Krayeske indicated that he’s covered UConn sports in the past, including football and basketball and that he’s growing weary of answering questions about whether he approached Calhoun at the right time or place. He said, “I’m tired of arguing about tactics, press credentials and whether or not the question was appropriate. The questions stands.”

He cited two articles regarding the credentialing issue. One in the Waterbury Republican (The article has since been locked), in which UConn AD/Communications Kyle Muncy confirmed Krayeske was, “duplicitous in securing a media credential to the game.” For those that don’t have a dictionary handy, duplicitous means “given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech”. Muncy also indicated that Krayeske made it seem that he was requesting credentials just to take photos, not to conduct interviews.

Krayeske also cited this Hartford Courant article as “UConn SID person said I got the credential legitimately.” In the article a UConn Spokesman said Krayeske e-mailed during the week to say he was working on a UConn basketball story and needed photos to run with it. I’d hardly call that a UConn SID saying he received the credential legitimately.

In my original post I wrote that the UConn PR staff probably should have vetted Krayeske more diligently, but with what we know now, I think we need to give them a pass. Yes, they could have looked into Krayeske a little more, but these things happen and there was no indication that Krayeske was going to use the postgame press conference for his own political agenda.

But, now that we have the credential issue cleared up a bit, the question now to sports fans and PR professionals is would you have stepped in during the postgame press conference? Would you have stepped in when Calhoun was visibly agitated, and how could UConn and Calhoun have minimized the damage following the press conference? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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Written by Brian Gleason

March 4, 2009 at 1:40 am

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