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Winners and Losers of the Super Bowl Sunday Ad Blitz

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I’m sure everyone and their brother will be recapping Super Bowl commercials, so I’ll join the fray. But, since I spent most of the weekend shoveling 30 inches of snow and need to get some rest, I’m just going to post a few categories with some real quick thoughts. Here’s my losers, winners, best and worst social conscience spots, the battle of the job search sites, worst celebrity endorsement and the biggest loser!

I’ll be honest, with my 2 year-old running around, I didn’t see them all, so feel free to throw your two cents in. I would love to hear your winners and losers in the comments.


3 – I’ve just never been a fan of the series of spots that depicts a genius that has accomplished amazing feats, yet we’re supposed to relate to them because they struggle to buy a car, just like us common folk. I know that’s the point of the spot, but it just misses in my book. I don’t think people relate.

2- Dodge Charger: Sexist? Possibly. Just a complete miss? Definitely. I know may of the wives out there are no longer fans of Dodge. The car every guy is dreaming of is a Dodge Charger? Really? I know they’re supposed to think their cars are cool, but the spot just missed in my opinion.

1 – Dr. Pepper Cherry: Was there something I didn’t get? KISS, little people and the launch of Dr. Pepper Cherry? This spot was a colossal fail and a complete mess.


3 – Taco Bell: This was one of the worst spots, by far. So, how did it end up on my winners list? First, this was a pretty down year for Super Bowl spots. Second, has anyone in your office not mentioned it? That’s what I thought, it was just so memorable because it was so bad. I’m almost thinking about going to Taco Bell, almost!

2 – Snickers: Who doesn’t love Betty White? One of the first commercials out of the gate, and Snickers had us thinking this years group might surprise. Disappointingly though, this was one of the highlights. But, nothing beats Betty White talking trash during a sand-lot football game! This spot also generated plenty of Twitter buzz after its airing.

1 – Google: Google was a big winner Super Bowl Sunday. This spot nearly shut Twitter down for a several minutes, and unlike the spot, Google’s was totally relateable to the average person. Simple, yet a huge win for Google!

Social Conscience Spots

Loser – Audi: Being “green” is great, saving the planet is great. But, this spot just came off as preachy with the potential to turn people off.

Winner – Focus on the Family and Tim Tebow: Some may hate this, but for all the controversy this spot caused, Tim Tebow handled this very well. Abortion is a very sensitive topic, but unlike Audi, this spot was very subtle and didn’t try to slam their cause down viewers throats. The spot was simply used to drive viewers to the Focus on the Family web site to learn more of Tebow’s story. Agree or disagree with him, Tebow handled this spot and controversy in a very classy way.

The battle of the job search web sites

Loser – A beaver playing violin? Enough said!

Winner – Casual Friday taken to a whole new level. I know we had a few too many old people in underwear during this years Super Bowl, but I found this spot hilarious, especially for anyone that works in an office.

Celebrity Endorsement

Worst – Skechers Shape-ups/Joe Montana: All this money for a Super Bowl spot and Sketchers uses a voice-over Joe Montana? And for this product? Sketchers spot could have been in the “losers” group, but it was so bad, I felt it needed its own section.

Biggest Loser

Social Media: Not so much social media, but the lack of forward thinking from brands in this social media age. I fully expected to see a handful of brands using their spots to drive conversation on Twitter in a creative way, drive traffic to their Facebook Page or even a forward thinking integrated social media campaign. The only sign of Twitter I saw was in the Vizio spot promoting their new Via technology featuring internet apps.

Well, that’s my real quick look at the Super Bowl spots after the game. I’m sure I missed some things, so again, tell me where I’m wrong, right or what your thoughts are in the comments. Would love to hear them!

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