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NBA Loses a Good One in Former Pistons PR Director Matt Dobek

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I haven’t blogged in a while due to my wife and I having our second child, a son, in March. Needless to say both time and sleep have been extremely limited over the last six months. Many things have gone down in the sports world during this time that I wanted to write about, but when you’re a walking zombie it’s tough to get your thoughts together:).

Some sad news over the weekend compelled me to break my blog silence, and hopefully post more regularly going forward. Sunday morning I heard the news that longtime Detroit Pistons PR Man, Matt Dobek, had passed away when I received an e-mail from Jeff Twiss, my friend, former boss and longtime Boston Celtics PR Man.

It was a shocking message to receive as Dobek was only 51 years old. He worked for the Pistons for 29 years, sported three NBA Championship rings and served as the PR Representative for the original 1992 Dream Team. He was highly respected in the NBA and sports PR world.

Honestly, I didn’t know Dobek all that well, there’s countless people in the NBA that knew him better and could share stories that dwarf mine. But, after reading Jack McCallum’s article on Tuesday regarding Dobek’s passing, I felt compelled to share a time that Dobek had helped me out when I needed it. (By the way, McCallum’s article is a must read, for it’s background on Dobek, but also as an insight into the world of being a PR person for a professional sports team)

It was the 2004-05 NBA season, the Pistons were making annual runs to the Eastern Conference Finals, and I was in Detroit,well Auburn Hills, with the Celtics for a regular season game. Prior to the trip, Twiss informed me Tommy Heinsohn, Celtics Hall of Famer, Championship coach and current broadcaster requested 4 tickets for a friend in the Detroit area. And when Tommy makes a request you come through.

For a little background, doling out tickets can be one of the more stressful aspects of traveling with a team for a PR person. Each player gets two tickets, but almost all of them want more. There’s plenty of trading and bartering that goes on, and you always have to hope there’s some extra left over for emergencies. To complicate things even more, broadcasters don’t get tickets, so I was going to have to snag four off the top from our team allotment for Tommy before even getting to the players.

Let’s skip ahead a little. It’s 45 minutes before tip-off and I had just closed the locker room to the media. It had been a busier than normal pregame as some fires had come up that I had to put out. I was happy to finally have some down time to grab a bite before the game, so I headed to the press room. Just as I walk in I cross paths with Tommy and he checks with me to make sure his tickets are at will-call. See where this is headed?

As I thought for a second, I could feel the panic overcoming me. I realized I had completely forgotten about Tommy’s request, and to make matters worse I was wiped out of tickets. In a state of panic I did probably the worst thing. Sounding like Ralphy in A Christmas Story when he says to the mall Santa Claus “football, yeah a football”, I muttered to Tommy “tickets, yeah tickets, taken care of”.

Immediately I bolted out of the press room, scurrying in the bowels of The Palace for anyone that might be able to throw a young PR guy on one of his first solo road trips a bone. I had basically just screwed one of the all-time iconic Celtics. Who do I come across, Matt Dobek.

Matt could tell I looked more than a little flustered and asked if I needed anything. Remember, this was the heyday of the Rasheed Wallace-Chauncey Billups Pistons and the franchise was on an incredible run of sellouts. Extremely nervous to make this kind of request to one of the most tenured PR people in the league, basically admitting my mistake, I swallowed my pride and told Matt about my need for four extra tickets for Heinsohn.

Long story short, Dobek made one call and within minutes a Pistons sales rep was outside our locker room with four tickets, good tickets, for Tommy Heinsohn’s guests. Crisis averted thanks to Matt Dobek!

Again, I didn’t know him very well, and this was a less than earth-shattering story, but it certainly meant a lot to me. It would have been extremely embarrassing to hear about Tommy Heinsohn’s guests not getting into the building that night, and might have ended my road trips with the Celtics for a long while. So thanks Matt! RIP!

P.S. Twisster, if you’re reading this I hope you can look back and have a good laugh, as I don’t think I ever shared this with you :).


Written by Brian Gleason

August 25, 2010 at 12:29 am

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