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Expanding The NCAA Tournament Without Destorying The Current Format

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Apparently expanding the greatest tournament on Earth is almost a done deal. According the Sports by Brooks, sources at ESPN say the NCAA basketball tournament expanding to 96 teams is a “done deal”. Many fans of college basketball, analysts and those in the game feel adding 30 teams to March Madness is a horrible idea. Why mess with something that clearly isn’t broken, especially when the NCAA is catching heat every year regarding the mess that is the college football bowl system.

Normally I’d be getting into the PR ramifications of this decision, but when speaking of the NCAA that could really be an entire series of posts. PR isn’t exactly their forte. So instead, as a lifelong college basketball fan, I simply want to give my idea to expand the tournament without destroying the current format, but while also increasing publicity and revenue for the NCAA.

I’ve always had the following idea about the play-in game, and through discussions with friends, other college basketball fans and on #SportsPRChat on Twitter it has evolved.  I’m not sure if anyone else has proposed this, but I’ve always felt the play-in game was a decent idea, just horribly executed. First, why should two teams that earned automatic bids have to participate in a play-in game? Second, why do I want to watch two of the worst teams in the field play for the right to get trounced by the likes of North Carolina, Kansas or Duke? There’s zero excitement.

I propose we expand the tournament from 64 to 68 teams by adding three additional play-in games. The change is that the now four play-in games would be between the last four at-large teams in the tournament and the last four out of the tournament. The winners of the four games will then be slotted into the four #12 seed positions. This results in far more exposure, publicity and revenue for the play-in games.

This season for example, instead of watching two small conference teams battle it out to get trounced by Kansas or Kentucky, we could see eight BCS or talented mid-major teams fight it out. Going by Joe Lunardi’s most recent bracketology, with this idea, the Tuesday before the official tournament kicks-off we’d potentially see Maryland vs. Wichita St., Old Dominion vs. Marquette, Cincinnati vs. Seton Hall and Connecticut vs. Louisville.

Who wouldn’t want to watch those teams fight it out for a chance to be an upset special in the Big Dance? Almost every year there’s a #12 seed that makes a run in the tournament.

This might not add as much revenue as the NCAA is looking for, but as mentioned it adds more excitement. The four play-in games would be far more interesting. It wouldn’t render the regular season basically irrelevant, like adding 30 more teams would do, and it wouldn’t minimize the anticipation and excitement of the current first round.

This would probably only slow the move to 96 teams, but I think this change to the play-in system would be a good one even if they don’t expand the tournament. Either way, I’d love to hear thoughts on this idea, or any other ideas on how to improve the tournament in the comments below.

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Written by Brian Gleason

February 3, 2010 at 12:25 am

Favorite One Shining Moment?

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I thought we’d take a break from analyzing sports from the PR/Marketing angle, and discuss one of my favorite sports moments of the year. Other than the first two days, Championship Monday is probably my favorite part of the NCAA Tournament. That’s right, I’m not ashamed to say it, I’m a sucker for One Shining Moment, always have been!

It doesn’t matter if the game is a blowout or if a team I can’t stand is winning, I’m staying up Monday night through One Shining Moment. So, what I thought we’d do is share our favorite One Shining Moments. Click this YouTube link for a list of each seasons One Shining Moment videos, and leave a link to your favorite in the comments below.

To kick things off, below is my favorite, the 1987 Indiana Hoosiers. I’m biased because I’m and Indiana fan, but I think it’s perfect with Keith Smart’s game-winning shot at the end. I also find it odd that Syracuse stayed out on the floor to watch the Hoosiers cut down the nets. I’m not sure if that was the norm back then, but it’s definitely odd.

Enjoy Monday night, and I’m looking forward to finding out your favorite One Shining Moment.

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Written by Brian Gleason

April 5, 2009 at 11:23 pm

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